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PI-THITA is a firm providing valuation reports and is “Regulated by RICS” registered in the Ministry of Finance. The valuation reports are prepared and/or monitored from Panagiotis Theofilopoulos and satisfy highest quality IVS/RICS standards and code of ethics. 
For the determination of asset value, we have the privilege of using an extensive inhouse data base having actual sale and lease transactions. 
Indicatively, we provide valuation reports for: 
  • Business acquisition and decision making   
  • Accounting purpose (IFRS), 
  • Bank financing, 
  • Court disputes  



PI-THITA before it will engage into a project is cautiously taking into account client’s investment criteria in order to provide best possible advice. 
The local network and expertise adds value to our clients.

Primary investment services are:  

  • Opportunity sourcing
  • Cash flow and risk analysis 
  • Price negotiation 
  • Due diligence management 
  • Closure agreements 



PI-THITA offers a top-down approach for owners that search tailored solutions for their assets. 
Transaction services are: 
  • Sale and lease transactions 
  • Data management 
  • Occupational space requirements 
  • Best use analysis 
  • Asset marketing campaigns  


Asset Management 

PI-THITA provide exclusive services to clients that do not have real estate as their core business to maximize the performance of their assets by reducing costs and optimizing income.
Asset management can help you: 
  • Daily monitoring of assets  
  • Subcontractor management 
  • Lease agreement optimization 
  • Capital expenditure management 
  • Reporting 
Strategic Real
Estate Consultancy
Asset Management


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